Construction of Apple Store in India has been delayed

India is set to have its first physical Apple Store in 2021. However, the process has been delayed because of the global health crisis.

The Indian Express reports that although Tim Cook, Apple CEO promised that India’s first Apple Store is set to open this year, the progress is halted due to unpredictable challenges and unforeseen circumstances attached to the worldwide pandemic. As such, the store opening is inevitably delayed until further notice.

Apple Store in India

Apple has not set an expected open or launch date yet. However, the Cupertino-based company opened an online store for its Indian customers, giving them a direct line to buy their products at Apple instead of an authorized third party.

Apple executives, including Cook, have made an effort to gain entry into India’s market. They have stressed its importance before and on quarterly earning calls, showing how revenue has grown double digits in the country and a few others.