Convenience Stores in Japan To Sell iPhone Accessories

Seven-Eleven Japan Co. recently announced that they will be selling official iPhone accessories, including power adapters, EarPods and cables starting May 22 nationwide.

It’s a significant move for Apple and 7-Eleven, as it’s the first time a Japanese convenience store will be selling accessories made by Apple. About 90 percent of the total number of Seven Eleven stores will be carrying these Apple-related goods.

iPhone Accessories

The company announced that their customers will now be able to buy iPhone accessories anytime they want at nearby 7-11 shops immediately. Seven-Eleven stores in Tokyo, the Yamanashi Prefecture and the Nagano Prefecture are expected to lead the charge, with more products gradually being sold nationwide.

Furthermore, the report from Seven-Eleven Japan Co. reveals that 9 products will be sold in total, along with lightning cables with varying lengths, i.e., .5, 1 and 2m offerings, audio charging accessories, high-speed charge accessories for iPhone 8 and later that support USB-C to lightning and USB-C power adapters.