Cook gets invited to Sun Valley Conference

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has been put on the guest list for the upcoming Sun Valley Conference.

Sun Valley Conference is a retreat that gathers media and tech moguls together in a resort town in Sun Valley, Idaho to discuss deals while enjoying activities such as whitewater rafting, golfing and more. It’s tagged as a ‘summer camp for billionaires’, with Cook attending the retreat a few times before with Eddy Cue, Apple services chief.

Tim Cook

Other notable tech personalities attending the Sun Valley Conference include Sundar Pichal from Alphabet, Andy Jassy of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg from Tesla and Elon Musk. Allen & Company will be hosting the retreat, and the gathering itself has led to many historic events such as the buying of The Washington Post and Disney purchasing ABC in 2013 and 1995, respectively. Apple will be in a position to secure more content for its Apple TV+ platform.

This year, the Sun Valley Conference will start July 5 and end on the 9th.