Apple CEO Tim Cook recently tweeted about the talent of an iPhone Model Car Photographer on social media.

Model Car Photographer

To mark World Autism Awareness Day Cook chose Anthony Ryan Schmidt, an iPhone photographer whose specialty is taking shots of model cars. What’s interesting is that Schmidt takes images where the model cars are made to look bigger and in similar scale to normal vehicles.

The tweet describes how Anthony has been pursuing his passion for model car photography since he was six, and shares several pictures of the shots he made. There’s also a shot of Anthony in action. Cook then added hashtags #ShotOniPhone and #AutismAcceptanceMonth, as well as the young artist’s Instagram account.

Anthony Schmidt already has an impressive 37k followers on Instagram and recently opened a solo gallery show, which started April 1 and ends April 29. Autism Acceptance Month begins in April and officially on April 2 this year.


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