Cook pledges Maui Relief and Recovery efforts

Apple CEO Tim Cook has pledged support for the victims of the wildires in Maui.

A combination of high winds and drought set fires across Maui and Hawaii last week, with the death toll climbing to 53 on the last count. The US government has declared the region under a state of calamity.

Maui Relief and Recovery

In a recent X post, Tim Cook reached out to families and everyone who were impacted in Hawaii and Maui. He also iterated that [Apple] is grateful for the first responders, then pledge donations for long-term and relief recovery efforts. Tourists and locals alike are attempting to evacuate as the situation has been deemed dire. The latest news says that the Lahaina town is ‘destroyed’, according to local emergency responders.

All travel to the region has been suspended as wildfires are being contained. Donations are being accepted at the American Red Cross using Apple Pay, PayPal, or credit card.