Cook spotted at Massachusetts after Apple Store car crash incident

Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen at the South Shore Hospital to meet with people who were injured in the Hingham Store car crash.

Allen Smith, South Shore Health CEO and president confirmed Cook’s and O’Brien’s visit to the healthcare facility, saying that the visit ‘did so much to lift up the spirits of the patients and our colleagues’.

Apple Store Car Crash Incident

The SUV driver, Bradley Rein, is currently facing charges after he crashed his vehicle through the store. The incident killed construction worker Kevin Bradley and injured 20 others. The South Shore facility had 20 patients, ten of whom were discharged by Tuesday. Sources say that Cook was to meet with Apple Store employees.

The Apple Store in Hingham currently has barriers, with the Debry Street shops boarded up and with no notice of when it will reopen. The Apple Boylston location is considered the largest US Apple Store and a flagship store in the city of Massachusetts.