Cook talks augmented reality in Europe trip

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened up about the application of augmented reality during his travel to Europe.

Cook mentioned in his Bright interview how AR is important in regards to the future, saying how the profound technology will ‘affect everything’. He then outlined uses, such as demonstrating and educating using AR elements, or in the medical field. In the same vein, the Apple CEO said that virtual reality is more limited, and shouldn’t comprise the whole life of an individual as most metaverse enthusiasts believe.

Cook Talks

Currently, Apple has introduced several kits to help developers work with augmented reality. There are rumors that the Cupertino-based company will be launching a new AR/VR product soon. As far as Apple’s headsets are concerned, the products might be unveiled as early as 2023 and offer augmented and virtual reality elements.

Tim Cook is currently on a European tour to visit Apple Stores and receive an Innovation and International Management honorary degree from Federico II University.