Copy and paste permission on iOS 16.1 is set per app

Apple’s upcoming iOS 16.1 will feature per-app permission for copy-and-paste functions.

iOS 16 began a privacy feature that requires the user’s permission for accessing the fur5x7clipboard in a paste-text function. However, some users reported various issues that made the prompt appear too many times. Apple responded by having a fix on iOS 16.0.2 and other bugs.

iOS 16.1

However, it seems that Apple is not yet done with the copy-paste feature- beta testers have noticed a new ‘Paste from Other Apps’ option on apps that have been asked before. It can be found in Settings, App Name, and Paste from Other Apps, and provides three different options- Ask, Deny or Allow.

The update gives the user better granular control over copy and past functions to promote greater privacy. The option will not appear on apps that have not requested clipboard permissions. iOS 16.1 is expected to be released to the public this month.