CORSAIR haptic stereo gaming headset is now 23% off

Hear every sound and get an edge with haptic sound feedback courtesy of the CORSAIR’s specialized gaming headset. Today, the CORSAIR HS60 Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset is down to just $99.99 from its original price of $129.99 on Amazon.

Haptic feedback is delivered by a powerful haptic bass with taction technology. You’ll be able to hear even low-end frequencies and enjoy first person shooters without having to rely on visual cues, for instance.

CORSAIR Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset

Lengthy gaming sessions are welcome, with Corsair providing adjustable ear cups and plush memory foam along with the noise cancelling mic. All other sound is delivered via a custom-tuned 50mm drivers to produce the widest range yet.

Those who love to customize will find the HS60 to be a wonderful device, as it comes with the iCue software and haptic effect controls so you can finetune to perfection.

Getting a haptic effect in a dedicated gaming headphone is wonderful, even more so when it’s under $100. Buy the CORSAIR Haptic Headset today!