CORSAIR’s haptic gaming headset gets a $20 discount

Few other headsets offer a more immersive haptic experience than the HS60 Haptic Gaming Headset made by CORSAIR. Today, it’s down to just $99.99 from its original price of $120 on Amazon.

The ‘haptic’ in the headset comes from the taction technology, which provides intense bass sounds and offers a wider range of low frequencies. The feedback that goes into the custom-tuned 50mm audio driver will want you to replay your favourite games just to hear the audio cues you missed, as well as take your gaming to another level.

Gaming Headset

What’s a haptic auditory experience without all the bells and whistles that’s inherent in a premium headset? With the HS60, you get a noise-cancelling mic that can detach for reduced ambient noise, on-ear volume controls and haptic effects built right in, and a superbly lightweight yet durable construction so you can focus on the action.

At $20 off, a quality haptic headset is now in reach of your budget. Make sure to get it today!