Could the upcoming iOS 13 be similar to this concept video?

A video designer and YouTuber from Turkey named Kamer Kaan Avdan has made an amazing iOS 13 concept video that could actually be the real thing. In the video, the YouTuber seems to have gathered all information that was about the iOS 13 from rumors, that got him to make a fascinating video.

From redesigned icons to multiple users accounts, the video designer has actually included everything that is expected in the iOS 13. We find the video so good, that it actually looks as if Apple designed it. Check out the video yourself below.

iOS 13

iOS 13 Concept Video

While this is just a concept, we hope that Apple does include such features on the iOS 13. According to user comments and interest, the Dark Mode feature is the most awaited feature, followed by the split screen feature that currently exists on iPad devices.

Let us know what you think of the concept video in the comments below. Personally, I find it really cool and Apple should consider hiring the video designer.