Create a Home For Your Memories with the Discounted ibi Smart Photo Manager

What looks like a futuristic nightstand and can store your most precious smartphone or GoPro photos and videos?

ibi, the smart photo manager from SanDisk is designed to organize, share and collect videos and photos. It’s down to just $139.99 from the original price of $179.99 on Amazon.

ibi Smart Photo Manager

File transfer can be done either wired or wirelessly. You can plug in a cable from the smartphone to the device or use the ibi app, which can be downloaded on the Play Store or App Store.

The 2TB internal storage can hold approximately 200 hours’ worth of videos, about half a million photos and more. You can quickly get the photo you need via keyword search, gallery explore or by date. Moreover, you can share those in a private feed, by generating a link or shared albums, where family members can add their own photos.

Think you need something like this? Go get the ibi Smart Photo Manager today!

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