Create Digital Art on the go with the discounted Apple Pencil

Digital art and content creators will find a lot to like with the original Apple Pencil. Today, it’s down to just $70 from its original price of $95 on Amazon.

The original Apple Pencil works with current-gen iPad mini and iPad, and the last-gen iPad Pro as well. With it, you’ll be able to sketch, doodle, write and take down notes more naturally as opposed to using your fingers. Because it’s a product made by Apple, the design, responsiveness and quality are all top notch.

Apple Pencil

Pop the top and you’ll be able to recharge it via the Lightning port on your iPad. Content creators, web designers and artists will love how fluid and pen-like the experience is. If you’re on the fence about buying one because of the price, then today’s deal is for you. Your iPad becomes a canvas that you can conveniently take with you anywhere you go.

Buy the $25 off Apple Pencil today!