Crestron Programmable Remote Updated with HomeKit, Siri and Apple TV Integration

Creston has recently released an update to their programmable touchscreen remote devices to support Siri, Apple TV and HomeKit.

At the WWDC 2018, Apple announced that they will be integrating home control systems along with new screensavers and Dolby Atmos support. The TSR-310 handheld remote will become the first touchscreen remote to have support for HomeKit, Siri and Apple TV when firmware and software updates begin rolling out sometime this week. The device has a 3-inch touchscreen display and voice control capabilities that allow it to control smart home accessories and TVs.

Crestron Siri Apple TV

The update for Windows SIMPL has gone live, and offers the following features:

– TSR-310 control capability on multiple Apple TVs.

– A secure connection between HomeKit and TSR-310.

– Route voice from the TSR-310’s mic to an Apple TV device.

For other devices, touch screen and mobile apps you will need CEC, IR or other secondary forms of control. The TSR-310 by Crestron is available to buy in certified dealers for $1,000.