Cross-Posting feature on Instagram and Facebook in testing phase

Social media company Facebook is currently testing its cross-platform posting feature by bringing Instagram Stories to Facebook.

Only a few users have access to the feature which is currently in beta. Facebook explains to users how their followers could now view their Instagram stories in Facebook.

Apparently the cross-platform setting can be changed in-system. However, it’s currently limited to viewing Instagram content on Facebook, but not for non-followers in Instagram. In terms of appearance FB stories will have a blue circle, while Instagram’s will have orange and pink circles.

Facebook reiterates that in terms of who can view your Instagram stories, nothing has changed. The company emphasizes that the feature gives people who are connected on Instagram a way to see both content in one platform.

The cross-platform posting is in experimental phase and will gather data from the users. It may eventually end up as a permanent feature if the feedback is positive.

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