Customers to get their AirPods Max Ear Cushion replacements soon

Customers who bought a replacement pair of ear cushions for their AirPods Max should expect it to arrive this week.

The ear cushions will arrive in a white box that has a picture of the product at the front. Opening the box reveals a pair of cushions that are separated by a divider. Removing it from the box is as easy as taking it out.

AirPods Max box

Packaging is similar to other Apple products such as the Apple Pencil and Apple Watch bands. Currently, Apple is selling ear cushions for the AirPods Max in green, sky blue, red, black and silver to correspond with the available headphone colors.

Standalone pairs have a price tag of $69, with Apple shipping out the product in a few days. Red, sky blue and green cushions are available and can be bought at the official Apple website, but the shipment date is set at March, the same as with AirPods Max orders.

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