Cyclists and runners get a much-awaited feature in third watchOS 9.2 beta

Apple has added a new feature, called ‘Race Route’ on the third beta of watchOS 9.2.

‘Race Route’ is designed for cyclists and runners as they compete against their best time on an already-completed route and tracked on the Apple Watch as a cycle or outdoor run.

watchOS 9.2 Beta

The feature allows Apple Watch users to compete against their last or best result on frequent routes once it comes out to the public. There’s also in-session pacing and guidance to make the challenge more interesting.

‘Race Route’ is believed to be arriving this year and will be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 4 and above.

Other notable additions include Track Detection, which detects a running track automatically, improvements on Apple Maps data for more accurate distance, pace, and route maps and metrics, as well as a new Home app architecture support, which will be added to macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16.2 and iOS 16.2.