Cydia antitrust case versus Apple reopens


3rd party app store Cydia will be allowed to present a legal antitrust case versus Apple after denying Apple’s claim that it was outside the statute of limitations.

Cydia Antitrust Case

Apple recently filed to dismiss the case and said the argument was now out of the allotted 4-year window allowed by federal law. Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, was allowed to amend the lawsuit.

On Thursday, Judge Rogers favored Freeman’s claim and said that it was out of the statute of limitations- Cydia said that there were updates in 2018 and 2021 designed to harm iOS app distributors.

Judge Gonzales Rogers said that the plaintiff’s claims to say that Apple’s updates exclude Cydia and other third party distributors were timely. The Cydia lawsuit was initially filed in December last year and mentioned how Apple was using its position of power to monopolize app distribution.

Cydia closed up shop in 2018 and stated that Apple’s unlawful app distribution control on iOS was the reason.

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