Dad gets his iPad locked for 47 years by his 3 years old son

Apple devices have a security system that will lock you out from your gadgets temporarily if you enter your passcode wrong. If you repeat on entering the wrong passcode, the locking time-out becomes longer.

We’ve come across a similar but a weird case recently, Evan Osnos got his iPad locked for 47 years (25,536,442 Minutes). Yes, you heard it quite right. I know you guys are thinking if Apple’s going mad or what? But that’s how their security algorithm works.

iPad Locked for 47 years

According to Osnos Twitter, he let his 3 years old son play with his iPad, but he never knew what was coming his way. He actually got himself locked out of his iPad for 47 years approximately.

Here’s The Quick Hack To Get Rid Of This Situation

What to do in this situation? We’re here with a solution to this problem. Simply connect your Apple device to your computer. Open iTunes app in your computer, it will start establishing a connection.

You just have to force restart your device during the connection. A pop-up will appear letting you chose between restoring your device or updating your device. Restore your device and get rid of this situation easily.

Note: Make sure to your all data is backed up, otherwise you will lose your data in this process.