5V rechargeable waterproof heated dog vest is 73% off


iLounge has a special deal on the 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest, which allows you to keep your furry friend comfortable and warm even while strolling outside on cold days.

Waterproof Heated Dog Vest

Are you and your dog inseparable? This doggie vest is for your best friend so he or she can continue to be by your side. Featuring a waterproof, 3 layer fabric with an outer polyester material and inner polar fleece, your dog won’t ever feel a draft. When things get colder, you can turn on the heat at three varying levels, which can last for 6 hours in one full charge.

The included power bank can act as a phone charger to get you out of tight spots. The dog vest even has pockets so you can store small items before you go on a short adventure!

The 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest normally costs $119 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $31.95. You get 73% off with our deal!

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