App Tamer for Mac 33% off


iLounge has a special deal on the App Tamer for Mac, which allows you to gain complete control over your Mac’s running apps and background services.

App Tamer for Mac

Feel like your Mac is slowing down to a crawl? There’s a way to get it back in optimal shape, performance-wise. The App Tamer gives you the power to decide which apps run and which ones are stopped, thereby extending your laptop’s life and letting your Mac run its best.

You can choose to auto-pause, shut down or restart apps when not in use, reduce CPU load for resource hogs such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, detect excess CPU usage on processes and accelerate Time Machine backups. You can set it in general terms, such as conserving as much battery as possible or dedicating all the muscle to a game, for instance.

The App Tamer for Mac normally costs $14 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $9.99. You get 33% off with our deal!

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