Babbel Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) is 50% off

iLounge has a special deal on Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages), which allows you to learn a second (or even third language) within an intuitive platform.

Ever wanted to be fluent in German, Spanish, Polish, French and more? You won’t have to hire a teacher- just download Babbel and you’re one step closer to realizing it. Babbel is the number 1 language learning app for a reason- it’s made to be understood by virtually anyone who wants to learn a new language.

One of the best features in Babbel is its bite-sized lessons that are no more than 15 minutes long. These cover a variety of useful topics such as food, business, travel and more. Babbel guides you along with speech recognition technology and personalized review sessions so you’ll get them right at a faster pace.

Babbel Language Learning Lifetime Subscription normally costs $399 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $199. You get 50% off with our deal.

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