Back Bay Duet 50 Slim Wireless Earbuds is 18% off

iLounge has a special deal on the Back Bay Duet 50 Slim Wireless Earbuds, which allows you to experience classic American HiFi sound in a premium personal audio package.

Tired of weak bass and your favorite music not sounding the way it should? Switch to the Back Bay Duet 50 and voila! Faith in earbuds restored. It features a classic blend of hifi sounds- you get crisp highs, natural mids and steady, pronounced bass with every session. It’s more than just a music accessory though, as you can still make phone calls hands-free and control music without needing to bring out your phone.

The kicker? Duet 50s has an impressive 40-hour battery life on a full charge of the earbuds and charging case. It’s also IPX5 waterproof for total moisture protection.

The Back Bay Duet 50 Slim Wireless Earbuds normally costs $52, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $42.99. You get 18% off with our deal. 

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