Get 34% Off on the CINEMOOD 360: Worlds first 360-degree projector

Have you been looking for a small pocket-sized projector that shows 360-degree videos? If yes, then you are in the right place.

With this deal, you can now buy CINEMOOD 360, the world’s first 360-degree capable interactive projector. What’s best is that when you buy it here, you also get a discount. You will pay only $328.99 instead of $499.

CINEMOOD 360 device with a hand


The CINEMOOD 360 is an amazing projector. It will empower your kids and make them get up and get active with the content and the games. Now your kids can use this small-sized projector without any difficulty. It is easy to use and set up.

The CINEMOOD 360 comes with built-in games, and access to streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Moolt, Disney, and more. It also has 40 digital books. It has 27 cartoons and safety videos that the kids will love to see on the large projected screen.


The best feature is that it has 360-degree capabilities. With this projector, you can watch 360-degree videos. The projector has a32 GB internal storage space. You can operate it using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With a single charge, you can use the projector for 5 hours. It has a 12-feet projection capability. It comes with built-in AUX and speakers.

So, if you want your kids to interactively learn, and your family to enjoy, make sure that you buy the CINEMOOD 360. With this deal, you will get a 34% discount and buy it only for $328.99.