Record and take screenshots on your Mac with CleanShot for just $12.50

iLounge has a special deal on the CleanShot that allows you to capture your screen in a superior way, which allows you to record your screen and take high-quality captures with a top-notch snipping tool.

Do you often take screenshots of your computer and constantly work on multiple captures but find it tedious to edit, blur out or remove distracting elements on every shot? CleanShot is a lightweight yet powerful app that lets you capture with ease and remove or blur sensitive content and parts of your screen with just a few clicks.


More than that, CleanShot gives you options to set a plain wallpaper or color as background, center images, save or copy screenshots via drag and drop functions in Quick Access Overlay.

CleanShot normally costs $19, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $12.50. You get 34% off with our deal, and when you use promo code ‘MERRYSAVE15‘ you can take another 15% off from the discounted price!

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