Protect your AirPods with the Survival Kit by Earhoox


It is no doubt that the Apple AirPods are exceptional and have a great design, but not everyone has ears that can hold those earphones for a long time. The AirPods might not fit your ear at all.

Earhoox AirPod Survival Kit

Earhoox: AirPods Survival Kit

So, if you are one of those persons who have difficulty keeping the AirPods steady in your ears, then it is time you bought the Earhoox Survival Kit. Now you can get this kit with a 20% discount if you buy it here with this deal.

As the name suggests these are ear hooks. It is a survival kit that has a pair of Earhoox that make the AirPods fir perfectly in your ear. This kit upgrades the AirPods. It has magnetic straps that keep them together at all times.

It also comes with a protective case. The case helps protect your precious AirPods from falls, bumps, and scratches. It also has a charging dock, so now you do not have to worry about changing your AirPods.

With this charging dock, you can charge the AirPods without removing any attachments. This kit helps you keep your AirPods charged, accessible, and fit in your ear.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Earhoox Survival Kit and save 20%. Now you can buy it only for $39.99 instead of $49.99.

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