evaLIGHT Plus personal air cooler is now 13% off


Are you trying to find a personal air cooler? There are many brands out there but none compares to the evaLIGHT Plus personal air cooler. It is a small and compact air cooler that not only cools but also purifies the air. It also humidifies the air.

evaLIGHT Plus Personal Air Cooler

The best part is that if you buy it here through this deal, you get a 13% discount too. The original price of this air cooler is $139, but here you will get it for $128.99.

evaLIGHT Plus Personal Air Cooler

It is your “personal” cooler. It is an evaporative cooler. It comes with a removable water tank. It also has an enhanced leakage control system. Its three in one cooling system makes it the best choice. It is portable and also lightweight. You can carry it easily anywhere you want.

It is also easy to set up. All you need is to add water to the tank and plug in the power. It will cool the area in front of it up to 45sqf. As it is smaller in size it also consumes less energy. It operates at 10W.

What is even better is that it uses the patented EvaBreeze material which prevents the spread of the bacteria. It is also easy to control with the wheel control that allows you to make precise adjustments. 

It is a great device and will help you sleep well at night. It cools the air quickly and also makes no sound while operating. So, buy it before the deal ends and save 13%. Buy it here only for $128.99 instead of $149.


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