EXO Blackhawk Drone – Explorer Bundle is 20% Off

iLounge has a special deal on the EXO Blackhawk Drone – Explorer Bundle, which allows you to record 4K videos on an ultra-stable and professional drone.

EXO is a known brand for producing top-quality yet affordable drones. The Blackhawk model is no exception- you get 4K video capturing capability on a 3-axis gimbal, which promises device and capture stability. You can set the drone via tap, pin drop or have it manually fly over a location. For hands-free mode, you can draw a box on the subject and the Nighthawk will fly around without any input required. Add features such as slow-motion, hyper-lapse, dynamic video and long-lasting batteries and you’ll have a drone that can do everything.

The EXO Blackhawk Drone – Explorer Bundle normally costs $1,078, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $859.99. You get 20% off with our deal. Buy it today!

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