FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch is 55% Off

iLounge has a special deal on the FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch, which allows you to monitor your fitness activity and track your goals using a wearable device.

The FIT TIMEZ watch is a minimalist yet stylish smartwatch that can do a lot of things. Aside from being able to tell the time and today’s date, it can measure and display calories burned, step count, distance as well as check your temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure. Even when you’re out and about you can count on the fitness watch to show social media notifications, messages and when someone is calling.

FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch

Your daily activities can be viewed on the device’s WearFit 2.0 app. It has traditional watch functions such as a stopwatch, alarm reminders and vibrate. A single full charge can last up to 7 days.

The FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch normally costs $89 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $39.99. An additional 20 percent discount is available on our Mother’s Day Sale promo- just use the code WELOVEMOM on April 19 to 26 and May 7 to 9 for maximum savings.