Flame Painter 4 is now 78% Off

Creating digital art is not easy. It only becomes easy to create an artistic digital piece when you have the right tools to use. There are hundreds of digital painting software, but not all of them are worthy of use.

Flame Painter 4

One of the best and the most reliable software that has a collection of all the necessary tools for you to create a master class digital painting is the Flame Painter 4.

If you are looking for a discount, then you are in the right place. Now your favorite digital painting software is available with a huge 78% discount. When you buy the Flame Painter 4 here with this deal, you get the lifetime subscription only for $19 instead of $89. 

It has a wide range of brushes. The particle system has an unlimited spectrum of brush styles. You can use various brushes that range from classic light to structured brushes. It also has a brush with textured shapes. It also has organic panting brushes. 

It has multiple organic brushes. It also has vector layers that allow you to perfect your work by modifying each layer and then creating the final painting. 

It also has a tool that allows you to import the vector image in.SVG file format. It also converts the vector image into a vector path or bitmap image. This tool also has custom brushes. Now you can create brushes according to your style, behavior, texture, shape, and gradient. 

So, what are you waiting for! Grab this deal and get a 78% discount for a lifetime subscription of Flame Painter 4.

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