Block out distracting websites & apps with the Focus App for MacOS

iLounge has a special deal on Focus- Website and Application Blocker for MacOS, which allows you to become more productive by eliminating app and site distractions.

Do you sometimes drift from work with a seemingly innocuous notification from apps? Are you often a victim of ‘just one minute’ of browsing your favorite websites or social media, then suddenly find that an hour has passed?

Focus – Website & Application Blocker for MacOS

Focus on MacOS

Focus, the App and Website Blocker can help you become more productive so you can get things done faster. It comes in Unlimited, Professional and Productivity plans depending on what you need.

The app stays in the background and effectively shuts down apps, sites, and domains that could sneak up on you like a time thief. You can set rules, timers, and passwords, and even choose from pre-set modes to create an optimal work environment.

Focus’ Unlimited plan normally costs $129, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $29.99. The Professional and Productivity plans are down $19.99 and $9.99 respectively. You get 76% off with our deal.