iLounge has a special deal on the GE C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light, which allows you to stylishly brighten up any room and gain access to all Alexa control and functionalities at the same time.

GE C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light

The Sol Alexa Enabled Smart Light is a smart lamp that combines Alexa functionality with GE Lighting solutions. Its circular lamp shape belies smart functions such as playing music, checking the weather or news and controlling the lamp’s lighting, among others. You can also have it work via clock mode or timer mode depending on what you need.

The lamp’s base holds hi-fi speakers and 2 far field mics that can pick up your voice even in a noisy environment. As a lighting solution you can adjust from a wide spectrum to soft white or daylight and set to calming light when night comes.

The GE C by GE Sol Wifi Alexa Enabled Smart Light normally costs $199 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $79.99. You get 60% off with our deal!


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