Create the most amazing videos with the iRig Video Creator Tool Bundle

Many individuals who have a YouTube channel do not have the right set of tools for recording the video. Creating videos for your channel or live stream on Facebook or any other social media must be perfect.

A slight change in the angle of the camera can disrupt the whole video and hamper the live streaming; it is why you should have a set of tool which has everything for you to create videos using your Smartphone.  

iRig Video Creator Tool Bundle

iRig Video Creator Tool Bundle

What you want is the iRig Video Creator Tool Bundle! With this bundle, you get a complete set of tools to record videos and live streams. What’s best is that you also get a 15% discount when you buy this bundle here through this deal. You can buy the iRig Video Creator Tool Bundle only for $169.99. 

The bundle includes the iKlip Grip Pro handle, a tripod, and an extender. There is also a remote Bluetooth shutter along with an iKlip Grip Pro bracket. The bundle also has lightning to micro-USB cable and an iRig Mic HD 2 mic. The mic is of excellent quality and will capture clean audio. You also get a USB-C to micro-USB cable and a Micro-USB-OTG to micro-USB cable. 

A few more items in the bundle include: 

  • 5/8″” to 3/8″” thread adapter 
  • Mic clamp
  • Lanyard 
  • Tabletop stand 
  • 10″ LED ring light

These are all the necessary tools that you need to create a great video for any medium online and also to go live.