Secure your Wi-Fi network with the Gryphon Guardian – Get 16% Off

Are you a parent and also worried about your children seeing inappropriate content on the web? Also, excessive screen time can damage their health. The social media addiction can also damage then mentally. If you want to control all this for your children, it is time you bought Gryphon® Guardian: Wi-Fi Network Protection. With this deal, you will get 16% off and pay only $98.99 for this device. 

Gryphon® Guardian

It is the best and the most trustworthy router to safeguard your internet experience. It has advanced parental control systems and also filters malware. The best thing is that this device works on all devices such as tablets, TVs, game consoles, and more. 

Gryphon® Guardian: Wi-Fi Network Protection
Gryphon® Guardian with MacBook

It offers a comprehensive screen time-control feature. It offers ad blocking, filters the web content. It also has the feature to manage apps such as Snapchat or Fortnite, etc. It also blocks the use of VPN devices that are connected to the network through this router. It has malware filtering, IoT security, web search filtering options, visual brewing history and many more. 

So, do you want to protect your network and users from malware attacks? Do you want your kids to be safe and not view the unwanted and inappropriate content? It is time you bought the Gryphon® Guardian: Wi-Fi Network Protection router. With this deal, you can buy it only for $98.99 instead of $119.