HAVIT laptop cooling pad is 13% off

iLounge has a special deal on the HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad, which allows you to keep your laptop around for longer by stopping overheating in its tracks.

Despite advanced cooling technology even the best and most modern laptops will need additional airflow in those cramped components. The HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad features large, 4.33 inch fans that blow hot air out of the vents and doesn’t make too much noise. The accessory has an impressive 65 CFM air flow rate to keep things cool even during extended gaming sessions or when you’re working in a hot environment.

HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad

Aside from the fans the cooling pad has an ergonomic incline to support all-day typing and viewing. The metal mesh surface provides traction and adds stability. LED indicators can serve as illumination in low-light conditions and show you the cooler’s status in a glance.

The HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad normally costs $37, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $32.95. You get 13% off with our deal!