Home & Office Kit: Qi Charging Desk Stand (Black) + iPhone Case is 39% off

We at iLounge have a special deal on the Home & Office Kit: Qi Charging Desk Stand + iPhone Case, which allows you to forego the wires and still enjoy fast charging.

The XVIDIA Qi Charging desk stand is a thing of beauty, only matched by its iPhone case. The sleek profile looks great on your workstation, nightstand or side table and offer fast charging. Built in micro suction pads will hold the iPhone in place while it gets a maximum 7.5W Qi charging.

Qi Charging Desk Stand (Black) + iPhone Case

The materials are heat-absorbent, which means you can rely on the gadget to power up your smartphone without worrying about internal damage. You also get a mini-stand as well for optimized viewing while sending emails, chatting with friends or watching videos.

Home & Office Kit with Qi Charging Desk Stand

Included is the XVIDIA phone case made for the wireless charging stand. Shock-absorbing TPU and raised lip protection keep your iPhone safe from bangs and bruises, while an interior microfiber lining ensure a perfect and snug fit.

The Qi Charging Desk Stand and iPhone Case by XVIDIA normally costs $116, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $69.99. You get 39% off with our deal.