Human Headphones: Hybrid True Wireless Over-ear Headphones are $40 off

iLounge have a special deal on the human headphones Hybrid True Wireless Over-Ear headphones, which allows you to get a versatile over-ear headphone with plenty of other useful features.

At first glance the Human Headphones looks like a pair of headphones from the future, but it’s so much more than that. Featuring a wireless, ultra-secure fit and innovative design, you can turn it into a language translation device or a Bluetooth speaker to extend its usefulness.

Hybrid True Wireless Over-ear Headphones in black color

Since it’s a true wireless headphones the music quality is better than most. You won’t have to fish your phone out every time you receive a call, and mic quality is enhanced via beamforming technology. Touch controls allow you to access phone, media and digital assistant functions.

The Hybrid True Wireless Over-Ear headphones normally costs $269 but we at iLounge are giving it away with a $40 off when you enter the code ‘LISTEN40’ at checkout. Buy it today!