iBolt® ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable is 74% off


We at iLounge have a special deal on the iBolt ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable, which allows you utmost wireless docking convenience for your iPhone.

iBolt® ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable

iBolt® ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable

Need a sturdy yet stylish dock on your car dashboard or desktop? The iBolt ChargeDock is just what you need. Magnetic docking solution allows you to just put your iPhone on the dashboard using only one hand and without the need for clamps or wires.

Should you need to play tunes, the MFi-Certified cable can be used. It supports CarPlay and connects easily to your car’s audio system. Furthermore, the ChargeDock can be used with virtually any iPhone and case combination.

iBolt® ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable inside a car

Whether you need a dock on your vehicle, home or desk, the combination of wireless and wired charging dock can’t be beat. You’re sure to enjoy the convenience that comes with hands-free navigation.

The iBolt ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable is normally priced at $69, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $17.99. You get an amazing 74% off with our deal! 

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