Get 60% off on the iPadian iOS 13 Simulator

Have you ever tried to play your favorite iPhone game on a Windows PC? It is not possible, is it! It kind of is if you have the right tools. Today you will find several simulators that simulate the interface and the environment of an iOS on your Windows PC. One of those simulators is the iPadian iOS 13 Simulator.

iPadian iOS 13 Simulator Lifetime Subscription

With this deal, you will get a lifetime subscription of iPadian iOS 13 Simulator only for $9.99. You get 60% off when you buy it here.

iPadian iOS 13 Simulator

With this versatile simulator now you can use the iOS 13 on your Windows PC and run every app that you run on your iPhone. Also, the best thing about this simulator is that it has its store which has more than 300 Apps. It also has a custom iPadian studio. The studio includes source code and app design for more than 100 apps for Native Work and React.

Now you can use all these Apps and experience them on your widescreen Windows PC. It perfectly imitates Apple devices. The software is also easy to install. It requires Windows 7 or later and also macOS 10.10 or higher.

Take advantage of this deal and pay $9.99 to get a lifetime subscription for the iPadian iOS 13 Simulator.