iPM 1080p Full HD Webcam W9 is 34% off

iLounge has a special deal on the iPM 1080p Full HD Webcam W9, which allows you to go on virtual meetings and video chats on crisper and clearer resolutions.

Still using your laptop’s built-in webcam and mic to make video calls and chats? Upgrade to full HD and experience instant clarity with the iPM W9 Webcam. No longer will you have to make excuses on why your picture is grainy and why your voice seems scratchy- the W9 solves all that, and more.

iPM 1080p Full HD Webcam W9 is 34% off

A driver-free design means you can just plug the webcam in on any computer and it will be good to go. It has a stereo mic that can capture sound and eliminate unwanted noise. The multifunctional base ensures you can position the W9 webcam however you want to get the best angle.

The iPM 1080p Full HD Webcam W9 normally costs $49, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $32.95. You get 34% off with our deal.

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