Save 56% on the Jawzrsize Facial Fitness: Total Transformation Kit

We at iLounge have a special deal on the Jawzrsize Facial Fitness: Total Transformation Kit, which allows you to get a perfectly defined jawline and experience a facial exercise at the same time.

Complete your body transformation with the Jawzrsize facelift exercise product. It contains a set of food-grade silicone jaw appliance that can firm up your face and neck muscles. Start out with the blue ‘Pop N Go’ beginner equipment and move up to the Elite Custom Fit, which offers 50 lbs of resistance.

Throughout the journey you get to activate and flex more than 57 facial muscles to sculpt and strengthen your jawline. You also get additional benefits, such as stronger neck muscles, improved focus and reduced habit of teeth grinding in the process.

Jawzrsize Facial Fitness

Jawrsize comes with a lanyard so you can take it wherever you are, even while working out at the gym. Jawrsize Facial Fitness Total Transformation Kit usually costs $149, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $64.99. You get 56% off with our deal!

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