Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan: 1-Yr Subscription is 50% off

We at iLounge have a special deal on the Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan: 1-Yr Subscription, which allows you to create and export social media-optimized videos in one robust yet user-friendly package.

Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan

Lumen5 Video Maker is an online marketer’s best friend. It’s powered by AI and produces social media-friendly and engaging videos for businesses and brands alike. The engine helps get your ideas off to a running start, providing storyboards, visuals, layout and music to captivate your audience.

Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan

Within the program are millions of audio clips, videos and photos you can use for your next social media marketing campaign. You’ll love how easy it is to export the videos you created to fit into your preferred social media platform.

Lumen 5 Video Maker is rated highly on TechRadar, TrustPilot, Product Hunt and others. It’s currently priced at $360 for a 1 year subscription, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $179.99. You get an amazing 50% off with our deal!