MacPilot 11 lifetime subscription is 59% off

Not everyone likes to sit around and use the same Mac interface for a long time. Changing the background and the screensavers give a new look but do not change the overall interface of the operating system. So, if you wish that you had software that allowed you to hack your Mac and give you access to more than 1200 features so that you can tweak it, you are at the right place.

MacPilot 11 Lifetime Subscription

With this deal, you get a lifetime license of MacPilot 11 with a 58% discount. You can buy it only for $39.99 instead of $99. With this software, you can unlock more than 1200 features to change the Mac and optimize it according to your needs. It has features that will allow you to toggle animations, customize the dock, and do much more.

You can customize the dock by adding menus, smart stacks, and spacers. This tool also gives you the ability to use the screensaver as a background. It also gives you access to system profile which has advanced system information that you can use to enhance the Mac. 

MacPilot 11 lifetime subscription

This software also has enhanced system repair and maintenance features. You can now run maintenance scripts such as pre-binding and Cron to optimize your system. It also shows you RAM, graphics cards, bus speed, and system serial number, and much more. 

So, if you need a complete software that will allow you to enhance, optimize and beautify your Mac, you should buy MacPilot 11 which is now available only for $39.99 and get a lifetime license. 

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