Motorola FOCUS89 Full HD Wi-Fi Indoor Camera is 14% off

iLounge have a special deal on the Motorola Focus89 Full HD Wi-Fi Indoor Camera, which allows you to keep a close electronic eye on your home, pet or family members.

Get modern surveillance features with the Motorola FOCUS89-W, a full HD indoor camera. Set it atop a table or shelf and enjoy 24/7 surveillance of strategic locations, entry points or keep an eye on your loved ones or precious possessions.

The full HD camera has a 360 degree pan, speaker and microphone so you can cover a wide area and speak with people in your family if need be. Real time alerts can be set using the Hubble app for unusual motion detection and sounds.

Night vision keeps things illuminated even during night time, and there’s a privacy mode for peace of mind. The Motorola FOCUS89 Full HD Wi-Fi Indoor Camera is normally priced at $49 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $42.95. Buy it today!

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