Naztech USB to MFi Lightning 12′ Extra Long Cable is 23% Off

iLounge has a special deal on the Naztech USB to MFi Lightning 12’ Extra Long Cable, which allows you to charge your device and transfer data without worrying about reach or distance.

Upgrade to a longer and more durable Lightning cable with Naztech’s offering. Featuring a generous 12 feet of cable, you can now charge your iPhone, iPad and other compatible Apple devices across the room. The cable supports data sync and high speed charging and has an integrated cable strap for organization purposes.

Naztech USB to MFi Lightning 12' Extra Long Cable in close up

The Naztech USB cable is MFi, which means it has the same technology as the official Apple Lightning cable. Inside the PVC jacket are reinforced insulation and shielding and has an impressive 5,000 bend lifespan.

The Naztech USB to MFi Lightning 12’ Extra Long Cable normally costs $29 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $22.99. You get 23% off with our deal! 

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