Save 36% on the Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector


We at iLounge have a special deal on the Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector, which allows you to protect your eyes from harmful light.

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

The Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector from Ocushield is the world’s first blue light blocking screen protector that’s medically rated for consumer use. It works just like any screen protector in the market, but with one special function- to keep your eyes healthy by blocking out blue light.

Blue light is all around us, but what you may not know is that it’s strongest in TVs, displays, monitors and yes, your smartphone. The more exposure you get, the greater the side effects, including eye irritation, headaches and fatigue, among others.

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

All smartphone users can limit the amount of blue light they get with the help of the Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector. Moreover, the color range and quality remains the same while keeping your phone’s screen safe from drops and scratches.

The Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector is normally priced at $46, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $29.99. You get 36% off with our deal!

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