PhoneRescue for iOS lifetime plan is 70% off

iLounge has a special deal on the PhoneRescue for iOS Lifetime Plan, which allows you to fix a great number of iOS device crashes and data loss.

PhoneRescue is certainly worthy of its title- it’s a lifesaver for iOS device owners who want to get their iPhone or iPad fixed and working as soon as possible. If you find yourself accidentally losing data such as notes, photos, messages, etc. you can do it with PhoneRescue and without having to process a full restore.

PhoneRescue also works as an iPhone fixer- things such as white Apple logo, iOS upgrade failure and more can be resolved without having to book an appointment at the Apple Store. Simply plug the device in, open PhoneRescue and you can get back on track quickly and with minimal delay.

The PhoneRescue for iOS Lifetime Plan normally costs $99 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $29.99. You get 70% off with our deal. Get it today!

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