Save 71% on the POWERSLIM6 6,000mAh Power Bank

iLounge has a special deal on the POWERSLIM6 6,000mAh 2-Pack Power Bank, which allows you to extend your devices’ use for longer.

POWERSLIM6 6,000mAh 2-Pack Power Bank

Gone are the days when power banks are shaped like bricks and weigh as much. Newer products, such as the PowerSlim 6 are shaped just like a smartphone and weigh only 5 ounces. The rated 6,000mAh capacity is good enough to provide a one-and-a-half complete charge on your iPhone and works with wireless headphones, portable speakers, your iPad, and Apple Watch as well.

POWERSLIM6 6,000mAh Power Bank

Dual USB ports allow for simultaneous charging via FastCharge 2A output. The power bank is rated to provide 500-plus full charge cycles, which means it’s set to last a long time and eliminate instances where you’re looking at a device with a dead battery.

The POWERSLIM 6 6,000mAh Power Bank: 2-Pack normally costs $140, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $39.99. You get 71% off with our deal!