Premium DJing & Music Production Bootcamp with Logic Pro X is now 97% off

If you are a music lover and need to create music, do some recording, or some songwriting then you need both proper training and the necessary applications.

Only then will you master the art of music. It is not common for you to find an online deal where you can find both training courses for songwriting, recording, production etc along with the Logic Pro X. 

Premium DJing & Music Production Bootcamp with Logic Pro X

If you need all this in one, then you are in the right place. With this deal, now you get an amazing 97% discount. Now only for $49.99, you can get access to 56 hours of training on recording, songwriting, production along with the latest Logic X Pro. 

Premium DJing
  • This deal includes a complete course for Logic X Pro which has 114 lectures and 19 hours of content. It has the training hours to use Logic X Pro for making music with Apple Loops. It has all that you need to learn. 
  • The price also includes access to 113 lectures and 11 hours of content for music production using Ableton Live 10.  With these lectures and content, you can learn using Ableton Live 10 and do much more. 
  • The best part is the 46 lectures on mastering audio as a music producer using Logic X Pro along with 5 hours of content. Now you can learn using Logic X Pro from scratch. 

You will get access to all this when you buy using this deal with a 97% discount. 

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