We at iLounge have a special deal on the Sensibo Air + Room Sensor, which allows you to save on energy costs with a smart climate ecosystem and AC controller device.

Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

Full automation on thermostat and HVAC required several steps until now. The Sensibo Air + Room Sensor connects to any heat pump or air conditioner to turn them into smart machines. This equates to your AC automatically turning off when there’s no one and on again when the sensors detect motion.


With an always-on design and energy saving measures, the bundle can be added to any room and any place you like. The device senses humidity and temperature and adjusts AC controls as needed for optimal comfort.

Add more units as needed so you can save on electricity and not worry about leaving a room with the AC on again. The Sensibo Air + Room Sensor normally costs $199, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $179. You get 10% off with our deal.


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